About the Trainer

Erin grew up in Whitefield, Maine and has always had a passion for studying animal behavior.

Erin attended the University of Maine at Orono where she obtained her bachelor of science in Zoology. During her time in college Erin became employed at Green Acres Kennel Shop in Bangor where her professional career in dog training truly began. She started working in the kennel initially as a Certified Pet Care Technician, but quickly became an assistant trainer in classes and would occasionally practice as the lead instructor. Also during this time she became involved with Guiding Eyes for the Blind, raising 3 dogs for their training program and interning in New York for 6 weeks helping to develop a temperament test specific to their program. Then in 2007 Erin graduated from college and moved to Whitefield.

Unable to tear herself away from the animal world, Erin took a position at a local veterinary office in Windsor. In 2010 Erin resumed her position back at Green Acres Kennel Shop, part time, as a lead dog training instructor. The devotion she has to training dogs and educating owners trumps the long commute. In November 2011, Erin earned her certificate, Certified Professional Dog Trainer – Knowledge Assessed, through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (www.CCPDT.org) and joined over 2000 certificants worldwide. Until the creation of the CCPDT there was no true certification process for canine professionals. While there are schools that teach dog trainers, the certificates are usually specific to their program and curriculum. The CPDT-KA is the only internationally recognized certification. The CCPDT was implemented by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, http://www.apdt.com, the largest association of dog trainers in the world, which Erin is also a member of. The test took 3 years to create and approximately 20 internationally known dog training professionals and behaviorists worked to research and develop the examination. In order for Erin to pass the exam she needed to acquire 300 hours of lead training time and obtain references from a client, co-worker and veterinarian. To maintain the certification Erin is required to recertify every 3 years. That is achieved by earning thirty-six (36) continuing education units during the 3 year period.

What does this mean for you? Erin will be attending seminars and watching webinars on some of the most up to date information on training and behavior as well as nutritional controversies, new discoveries in the ancestory and history of the dog and much more.

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